Loving Veneto

Once a seventeenth century rural hamlet, the Case Marian (Marian Houses) have been transformed into an impressive holiday home.

Where once the sharecrop farmers came back after a hard day’s work in the fields, families and groups now spend their days in relaxation and recreation. And in the evenings, just as in ancient times, there is a joyful atmosphere with happy laughter ringing through the rooms. In the heart of Cison di Valmarino, at the foot of the hill under the impressive Castel Brando, the rural hamlet of Case Marian can be found, once used by the sharecrop farmers of the Brandolini nobility.

Combining the modern
and the traditional

Today the structure has been completely renovated using modern methods of restoration which provide for a perfect balance between the highest levels of modern functionality and respect for the history and tradition of the structure itself. The result is a natural and intimate atmosphere, a style which is both integral and immaculate with a reassuring feeling of home. Surrounded by the most modern comforts, it is nevertheless a captivating return to an ancient world: “When I arrived I was overcome with a feeling of wonder, of an enchanted country.” (Professor. V. Sgarbi)

On the ground floor of Case Marian we find the old barn, beautifully restored and available for hire for exhibitions and events, including the famous Artigianato Vivo arts and crafts fair. The first and second floors make up the holiday home and either one or both floors may be rented, in their entirety. The two floors are arranged into single and double rooms and dormitories. A few rooms are equipped with en-suite bathrooms while others have shared facilities. The large kitchen is also shared, as it once was in the sharecroppers’ farmhouses.