Loving Veneto

Just for you,

a fairy-tale wedding

We are extremely proud of our wedding service, providing a simply unforgettable setting for your wedding along with excellent service in a matchless atmosphere. The most important part of working with our guests is listening carefully to their requests and ideas and then sharing our experience and passion with them. We love our work, which is why we put our heart and soul into making your party, every kind of party, an absolutely unique experience. Whether it be for ten or a hundred guests, barefoot or in the highest fashion heels, we have the perfect solution for all types of weddings, for all types of guests.


For the big day, we bring you our creativity and passion, refined by our long experience, and knowledge of the choice of materials and solutions that will make your magic moment absolutely unique. Our woods, rivers and hills may provide inspiration for your wedding reception. Local bark can be used for matting or as seat-markers, twisted branches can become wonderful tableaux and the centuries-old trees are the perfect backdrop for the ceremony as well as for the all-important photographs.


From the vineyards to the cool tranquillity of the gardens, or in the ancient atmosphere of the colonnade or the refined luxury of the dining rooms, our culinary eye will surprise you with a unique menu, a tribute to the territory and its produce that will accompany you from aperitif to dessert. If you prefer a combination of different international cuisines, we can offer the most versatile of menus with something to suit every palate. It is important for us to give you the best possible service and celebrate with you the most important day in your life!